Best Amazon Prime Video Alternatives in 2022

The Amazon Prime membership program offers savings on both purchasing and delivery. A streaming video service including TV series, movies, and Amazon Originals is also included with the subscription. The annual cost of Amazon Prime is $119, or $12.99 each month. The program offers free two-day shipping and same-day delivery on more than 10 million items. As an alternative to Amazon, it also provides prescription and two-grocery delivery.

Discounts are available through Amazon Prime Whole Foods as well as during Amazon’s yearly two-day Prime Day sale. Members get early access to special offers like Lightning Deals. Additionally, Prime members have access to tens of thousands of popular songs, films, TV episodes, games, and audiobooks as well as the ability to stream or download Prime media content. We can tell that the popularity of video streaming websites and applications has grown in recent years by looking around for alternatives to Amazon Prime. We have access to numerous media streaming services that let us watch an endless amount of video content, like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, and others.

Best Amazon Prime Video Alternatives


In 2022, Netflix was likely the top video streaming service. It looks like Netflix has more material when compared to Amazon Prime Video. Although each user has a different preference for movies and TV shows, we thought Netflix’s selection was more distinctive. Netflix is renowned for having a large selection of films, TV series, and documentaries that have won numerous awards. However, you must pay monthly or yearly fees for this premium video streaming service. Almost all operating systems, including Android, iOS, Linux, Windows, and macOS, support Netflix.


Hotstar top Amazon Prime Video Alternatives may be your best alternative to Amazon if you’re seeking for the greatest streaming service for movies, TV series, and live video. How do you feel? For watching advertisements, movies, TV shows, and other content, many people use Hotstar. Additionally, among other things, Hotstar also shows live sports.


Vudu The second greatest website to watch infinite video content, on the other side, is Vudu, which is supported by Walmart. On Vudu, you may watch a huge selection of well-liked films and TV episodes. Like Amazon Prime, another fantastic feature of Vudu is the ability for customers to purchase movies and TV series.


In the United States, Hulu is a top Amazon Prime Video Alternatives streaming service where you may watch an endless amount of video content. Despite not being as well-known as Amazon Prime Video, it offers a wide variety of films and TV episodes. Hulu stands out because it offers video material from well-known networks like Starz, PBS, 21st Century Fox, AMC, and others. Hulu’s one and only drawback is that it’s not accessible everywhere. If your VPN service is up and running, you can access the site from anywhere.


The most well-liked alternative to Amazon Prime Video in the world right now is YouTube. On this website, you might spend hours watching videos. In-depth exploration of the platform reveals a wealth of user-posted movies and TV shows. You may pay to rent movies on YouTube as well. You may watch the movies and TV series you purchase or rent on YouTube on any device that supports them. Sign in with your Google account to access your purchases and watch the movies on your smartphone.


One of the top streaming services comparable to Amazon Prime Video is FandangoNOW. You can use this rather recent online streaming service right now. It keeps a vast database of movies and TV shows. FandangoNOW has a striking and well-designed user interface. However, the website itself isn’t a streaming platform like Amazon; rather, it serves as a storefront where you can buy TV shows and movies.


Another great website for sharing videos that only has high-quality content is Vimeo. The video streaming service enables 360-degree films and provides a variety of TV series. The website is renowned for its user interface, which has a neat and orderly appearance. The search function on Vimeo organizes videos by channel and category.


Although iTunes does not offer movie streaming, you can still rent movies from their collection. The cost of renting a movie for 48 hours from the iTunes library is affordable, starting at around $3 or $4. The iTunes library contains a variety of TV series and films that you can view. However, iTunes is best used on Apple products like the iPhone, iPad, and Mac because it was created for the iOS operating system.


In contrast to the other apps discussed in the post, Stremio is a little unique. It is a video hub that compiles well-liked and authorized streams from a variety of streaming services, including Netflix, iTunes, Amazon Prime Video, and others. It records all video footage and presents it in a much more organized interface.


Another fantastic alternative to Amazon Prime Video to think about is Crackle, which is supported by Sony. On the other hand, Amazon Prime Video’s selection of video dwarfs that of Crackle. Crackle is only included on the list because it is cost-free. With a free account, you can access about 75 TV episodes and 150 full-length movies. Being a free media streaming website, it would aid in acclimating viewers to the commercial breaks in between episodes.

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