Best Joomla Template Providers In 2022

What is Joomla Template?

Joomla templates serve as the foundation of your website. Once your content and modules have been added, they are made up of several files that decide how a site will appear and feel. Fonts, colors, menu styles, navigation controls, basic layout design, and specific images like the header and background are all determined by templates (in some cases). A template is not at all a whole website unto itself. It’s better to consider the framework your site’s design and organization are built upon. You can isolate a site’s content from its design using templates. Instead of constructing the website from scratch, you can now rapidly switch between themes with only a few minor changes needed in the back end. You can use a CMS like Joomla to accomplish this.

While some themes give users many choices over the layout, others can be far more rigid. The built-in back-end options can be expanded upon by templates created using a framework like Gantry that provides a lot of user customization choices. Joomla allows users to reorganize and reconfigure a site’s layout without manually altering the template’s code.

To appear slightly different depending on which page you are accessing, you may edit an existing template. For instance, many websites’ home page layout differs from those of their single article pages. You might not want some features to appear in specific locations on your website. You can do this simply by [copying the template style][override] and allocating the modified layout to particular pages. Also, read Best MangaInn Alternatives.


  • Multilingual
  • Well-Supported
  • Simple Updates
  • System for Integrated Help
  • Banner Administration
  • Media Director
  • Contact Administration


  • Management of Joomla content
  • It’s Excellent for Novices
  • It’s Excellent For SEO
  • It Has Performance & Caching Mechanisms
  • It Has a Larger Following Than WordPress


  • It’s more intricate than WordPress
  • Backward Integration
  • Drupal vs. WordPress: A Catch-22
  • Free extensions for Joomla
  • Gratuitous Joomla templates

10 Best Joomla Template Providers In 2022

1. JoomShaper – Best Joomla template provider:


This is yet another supplier of Joomla templates. JoomShaper, a seasoned web development company, is committed to offering Joomla Open Source CMS with top-notch web development services. They produce premium Joomla templates and plugins with exquisite designs. More than 100,000 happy clients make JoomShaper a proud developer. Regarding competent Joomla template development, JoomShaper is one of the best suppliers. The same group of guys developed SP Page Builder, one of the greatest drag-and-drop Joomla page builders. Perhaps you might research how to create a Joomla FAQs page.

2. JoomlaShine – Best Joomla Template Provider:


JoomlaShine is the best place to find top-notch, responsive, and SEO-friendly Joomla themes. This is yet another supplier of Joomla templates.

They have more than ten years of experience in the Joomla sector. JSN PageBuilder is another item made by JoomlaShine. For Joomla, it is a well-liked drag-and-drop page builder. Also, read Best BobMovies Alternatives.

3. JoomlaShack – Best Joomla template vendor:


JoomlaShack is a trusted source for Joomla templates. This is yet another supplier of Joomla templates. Check out the email signature maker as well. If you’re looking for beautiful and efficient Joomla templates, JoomlaShack is the best vendor. The Joomla templates that rely on the Joomla core are compact and easy to modify. They have been creating simple-to-install and maintain Joomla extensions since 2005. The creators of OSCampus, a popular Joomla learning management system extension, and OSMap, a thorough Joomla sitemap extension, are the same as JoomlaShack. You might want to look at the tutorial for creating a Joomla sitemap.

4. JoomDev – Best Joomla template provider:


JoomDev is India’s leading Joomla template for both free and premium extensions. They produce skilled Joomla extensions and templates, making them one of the best Joomla template vendors. The same team that developed the Asteroid framework also produced JD Builder, one of the best drag-and-drop Joomla page builders. Check out fake email generators, too

Today, JoomDev is among the best sources for Joomla templates.

5. RSJoomla – Best Joomla Template Provider:


From RSJoomla, you can get premium Joomla extensions. RSForm, one of the best Joomla form extensions, RSSEO, one of the top Joomla SEO extensions, and RSPageBuilder, a well-liked drag-and-drop Joomla page builder, among other outstanding improvements, were all produced by the same company, which was launched in 2008. Along with top-notch Joomla extensions, they offer frontend design solutions known as Joomla templates. Also, read Best AniMixPlay Alternatives.

6. JoomlArt – Best Joomla Template Provider:


This is yet another supplier of Joomla templates. When it comes to Joomla templates, JoomlArt is one of the best providers. They have been helping their clients build great responsive websites with top-notch functionality and striking looks since 2005.

JoomlArt is the company behind T4, a drag-and-drop Joomla page builder.

7. JoomlaBamboo – The Best template for Joomla Templates:


JoomlaBamboo offers beautiful and responsive Joomla templates as well as helpful assistance. Their Joomla layouts are expertly designed and responsive. JoomlaBamboo was one of the first businesses to enable responsive Joomla templates.

8. ThemeForest – Best Joomla Template Marketplace:


ThemeForest is a well-known template for Joomla templates, much like TemplateMonster. They sell more than 500 high-quality, feature-rich Joomla templates. Check the Instagram tools as well. OrdaSoft – The Best Joomla

Template Provider:

This is yet another supplier of Joomla templates. OrdaSoft develops professional Joomla templates and extensions, WordPress themes, and Drupal themes for websites related to cars, real estate, and other topics.

9. TemplateMonster – Best Joomla Template Marketplace:


TemplateMonster is a marketplace for Joomla templates rather than a provider of Joomla templates. They have been around since 2001. On TemplateMonster, there are many different categories of Joomla templates.

10. ThemeXpert – Best Joomla template vendor:


The premium Joomla themes, extensions, and page builder from ThemeXpert make it simple to develop search engine-friendly websites. They possess several tools, like the drag-and-drop Joomla page builder Quix, the eCommerce Joomla extension DigiCom, and more.

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