Best Video Editing Software For Rank Your Videos

Examine the top video editing software options, contrast them, weigh their advantages and disadvantages, and select the program that best suits your requirements. Video editing is a crucial ability for all types of professions, whether you use it to promote your business on social media, for your website, or for work assignments. You no longer need to shell out a lot of cash for pricey video editing suites because there are so many free video editing apps and other pieces of software available.

Best Video Editing Software


This program is a great choice for users who have just started using Lightworks for professional video editing. The video editor comes with a tonne of helpful tools, such exporting to 720p for YouTube, a broad variety of video formats, and high precision video cutting.

You can easily resize a movie or merge numerous brief clips of film using Lightworks’ beautifully designed timeline. Color correction and GPU-accelerated real-time effects let you quickly create the ideal appearance. The good news is that labor-intensive rendering and encoding operations go place in the background so you can keep working while they are finished.

Davinci Resolve

Davinci Resolve, one of the best and most sophisticated video editors on this list, is designed for professional video editing, graphics editing, and colour correction. Users who want to make the most of Davinci Resolve need have a strong computer and a graphics card that matches it.

Additionally, Davinci Resolve provides motion graphics, special effects, and audio mixing tools. Davinci Resolve is the real deal; it’s more than simply a straightforward video editor.


Both experienced and new users enjoy Filmora9. The software stands out because it has undergone numerous revisions and improvements while staying loyal to its intended application, which is film editing. Some rivals keep including features that aren’t used. Filmora9 maintains simplicity.

Even new users won’t have any trouble learning how to use the software because to its user-friendly layout. As a result, it is brimming with potent tools for video editing such as layers, green-screen effects, keyframing, background noise reduction, creative filters, expert 3D LUTs, and 4K support.


You can record videos with your phone using the free Camtasia software for iOS and Android, and you can then quickly transfer those videos from your phone to the Camtasia app on your computer for editing. The ready-to-use film can easily be uploaded directly to YouTube, Vimeo, or another video hosting service of your choice.

With its advanced video editing capabilities and simple-to-use screen recorder, Camtasia promises to be an all-in-one video editing solution. On both the macOS and Windows operating systems, you may use Camtasia to produce instructional videos, lectures, and webinar recordings that appear professional.


Another competitor for the title of greatest video editor is FlexClip, and it performs admirably. Thanks to the streamlined user interface, it is simple to begin working on your first project. Then, utilising the pre-built themes, stock photos, and audio resources, you can rapidly assemble a commendable movie.

If you run into trouble, FlexClip’s extensive online documentation and tutorials will walk you through all you need to know. Text, audio, adding watermarks, overlays, widgets, logos, typefaces, colour, rotating, duplicating and slicing slides are just a few of the most potent capabilities that are built right in.


A completely open-source application called Openshot provides fundamental video editing functions including trimming and slicing. However, its simple drag-and-drop interface can perhaps remind some Mac users of iMovie.

Unlimited layers, audio mixing, and video tracks on the timeline are just a few of the capabilities that Openshot offers above iMovie. This free editor thus achieves a good mix between sophisticated capabilities and a user-friendly interface.


Blender is a free and open-source suite for 3D animation and video editing that is available for the majority of mainstream operating systems. Blender, one of the most popular free video editors, provides a sophisticated set of animation and video editing capabilities.

Many new users are somewhat taken aback by Blender’s breadth and versatility and are dismayed to learn that such a feature-rich tool is absolutely free.


Users can use it as a learning tool to become familiar with the fundamentals of video editing because it comes pre-installed on all new Macs. You can edit and import 4K video clips from cellphones and GoPro cameras using iMovie’s drag-and-drop interface. You may even begin editing on your iPhone or iPad and finish it on your Mac thanks to the programme.

By dragging your multimedia into the project space and setting it up in a timeline format, you can add audio and photos in addition to video to your project.

VideoPad Video Editor

A fantastic cross-platform video editor for Windows and macOS is VideoPad Video Editor. VideoPad, one of the most basic editors on the market, has a small feature set yet is simple to use. VideoPad requires a small amount of time to use but produces excellent films without the high learning curve of other editors.

For new editors, VideoPad’s free edition is excellent. For power users, VideoPad’s premium version offers more robust functionality. VideoPad excels at creating social media-friendly videos, if anything. Thanks to the pull-down menu, it is simple to submit your works of art anyplace on the internet.

Windows Movie Maker

If it wasn’t clear from the name, Windows Movie Maker is a free movie editing programme for Windows 10 that also performs admirably with earlier releases of the operating system, such Windows 7.

Movie Maker has advanced significantly from its humble beginnings as a simple editor, despite its former reputation for extreme simplicity. Movie Maker is more than competent of handling the majority of novice projects thanks to a number of simple but essential features, including anti-shake and voiceover recording.

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