Best Landing Page Builders in 2022

An essential brand touchpoint, a landing page allows you to provide a favorable first impression, nurture leads, and increase conversions. No matter your objectives, well-designed landing pages have clear and succinct content, especially those offering goods or services. They also include doable recommendations that encourage additional interactions.

A landing page builder is one of the most effective and economic tools for building one-page websites. You may modify landing pages without using any code to suit your needs. Most, if not all, include expertly designed templates, allowing you to alter and deploy your landing pages easily.

Best Landing Page Builders


Although Mailchimp is mostly recognised as an email marketing tool, it also offers a variety of other digital marketing services. One of them is a builder for landing pages.
You can create as many landing pages as you want for free if you use Mailchimp. A variety of expertly created templates are available for lead generation, receiving payments, marketing products, and more. The templates’ style and arrangement are completely customizable. Also, read Best BobMovies Alternatives.


The simple drag-and-drop landing page builder from Unbounce offers more than 100 editable designs. You can also utilize custom JavaScript, HTML, and CSS to improve the appearance and functionality of your pages.

Utilizing Unbounce’s A/B testing functionality is one of its benefits. You can play with the layout and content of your landing pages to see what generates the most conversions. When you’re finished, you can use the WP landing page plugin to publish your pages directly to your WordPress site or your own custom domain.

Google Sites

A free online landing page builder, Google Sites is a component of Google’s collection of strong tools. You can alter a handful of the themes and layouts. Its features are straightforward to understand. You may easily move around the platform.

It is completely integrated with Google’s YouTube, Calendar, and Map services. You can quickly and easily integrate movies, files, and maps without leaving the site on your landing pages. Sharing is incredibly quick and easy because to these integrations. Collaboration with other team members would be simple.


Possibly the best website builder available is Squarespace. It contains an integrated landing page builder with a library of well-created templates that you can customize for your marketing requirements.

Squarespace can assist you in creating visually appealing landing pages for wedding announcements, product debuts, or newsletter signups. You may even add a site-wide password to give visitors a sneak peek at a brand-new website or a forthcoming product or service. Visitors who have a password can only read your page’s preview. Also, read Best AniMixPlay Alternatives.


You can make effective landing pages with Wix, a free website builder. You may develop landing pages that provide results whether you want to advertise your business, future goods or services, or conferences on the best webinar platform. Any layout or template you desire may be used without additional fees.

All Wix landing pages may be integrated with your one-page websites or normal websites to support your marketing efforts. Your landing pages will be attractive on many devices because they are responsive and intuitive.


With the help of Instapage’s six products and hundreds of features, you can build landing pages that are very effective and are mobile-responsive. Thanks to AMP and Thor Render Engine, it can deliver outstanding mobile experiences for your visitors and guarantee quick load times.

The best part is that Instapage provides a huge variety of configurable layouts for various businesses and use cases. Even though the layouts are already intended to boost conversions, you can still make them even better by employing split-testing, analytics, and heatmap tools.


Without the aid of designers or IT, you can construct and test professional-looking landing pages with HubSpot, a free landing page builder. There would be a huge selection of mobile-friendly layouts available to you. You may quickly and easily customize your content, forms, and layout with the drag-and-drop editor.

The ability to customize content based on your visitor’s location, source, device, or other contact information is maybe HubSpot’s best feature. This enables you to offer each visitor an excellent brand experience.


Create landing pages, websites, pop-ups, and more with Leadpages, a tool for small to medium-sized enterprises, to engage audiences, acquire leads, and close purchases. It contains an integrated conversion guide that enables you to evaluate the effectiveness of your page before releasing it online. You may optimize your pages to maximize your results using this unique technique.

A limitless amount of website visitors and leads are supported by Leadpages. For generating a lot of traffic, there are no additional fees. Leadpages can assist you in increasing conversions and revenue thanks to their quick load times and good performance ratings.


With Elementor, you can make WordPress landing pages that are simple to use. With high-performing landing pages that don’t require coding and come with responsive layouts and a live drag-and-drop editor, you can promote new products, grow your audience, and provide freebies. For upcoming projects, you would also be able to save the content blocks and other elements you’ve created.

You may create as many landing pages as you like with Elementor and track their effectiveness from a single potent platform. No additional plugins or integrations are required for this. It is equipped with analytics and optimization capabilities that enable you to get useful information from the visits of your audience and utilize it to enhance your campaigns.

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