How To Fix One AirPod Is Not Working

If your both or single Airpod isn’t working, you can use this page to help you figure out why and how to fix it. The only airpod functioning advice provided in this article applies to all Airpods models, including the AirPods Max, AirPods Pro, and Apple AirPods 1 and 2.

You can examine completely different issues if you’re having issues with both AirPods. Find out how to fix both One AirPods if one of them stops charging or working. Also, read Best Landing Page Builders in 2022.

How To Fix One AirPod Is Not Working

If Just Single AirPod is Not Working

  • A dead battery is the simplest and most likely cause of one AirPod’s problem. Since each AirPod has a different battery life rate, even if they were charged at the same time, one of them can run out of juice before the other. Verify the amount of battery life left in your AirPods or battery widget and recharge them if necessary.
  • Due to built-up material that stops sound from escaping, one AirPod may not have audio. That might be lint, dust, or even earwax. If the speakers on your AirPods seem clogged, check them out and clean them.
  • It’s possible that the audio in your AirPods isn’t correctly reaching your earbuds from your device. Try a Bluetooth reset if this happens. On an iPhone, iPod, or iPad, go to Settings > Bluetooth. After a little delay, slide the Bluetooth slider back to the on/green position.
  • Restarting won’t likely solve the problem, but it’s quick and simple to accomplish, so it’s worth a try. The active memory is purged when a device is restarted, frequently resolving transitory problems. Your iPhone or iPad’s restart may be helpful.
  • If everything else fails, do a hard reset of your AirPods. To detach and repair your AirPods, use the same steps as in the preceding section. Hold down the AirPods case button for roughly 15 seconds or until the light flashes amber before switching to white. When commanded, let go of your hold.
  • You can modify the amount of audio that comes from the left and right AirPods on iOS devices by using a feature tucked away in the Accessibility settings. One AirPod may be out of balance if only one AirPod hears sound when this setting is used. To fix this, move the Balance slider in Settings > Accessibility > Audio/Visual to the center.
  • Every upgrade to iOS and the iPad contains numerous brand-new features as well as substantial bug fixes. Although it’s improbable, your problem may have been fixed in your device’s most recent OS update. Fresh iOS updates are worth attempting to download and install as they are free, quite quick, one airpod pro not working and provide many benefits. Louder on one airpod than the other. Also, read How To Activate STARZ.

Why Plays Music from My AirPod Only in One Ear? 

If your AirPod only plays music in one ear, there is an issue. Two examples of the more straightforward explanations are that the AirPods are dirty or that the battery is low (problems with network or audio settings).

Because there is no single source of the AirPods problem and no single fix, only one working AirPod is the only one that works. The best course of action is to keep going through the troubleshooting steps until the AirPod is back in working order.

Why Doesn’t My Left AirPod Working? 

Check your AirPods’ microphone settings if your left AirPod’s microphone isn’t working. You can position the microphone in the right earbud. In Settings > Bluetooth > Microphone, select Automatic, Always Left AirPod, or Always Right AirPod.

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