Top Amazing Remote Work Tools In 2022

You need the correct tools for remote work if you want to do your best, regardless of whether you work for a firm that supports telecommuting or for yourself as an independent contractor.

Best Remote Work Tools

Tools for Communication


Slack is a jack-in-the-box full of potent capabilities that support team collaboration, asset sharing, communication, and simultaneous project tracking. Also, read Best MangaInn Alternatives.


With the famous video conferencing tool Skype, you can meet with a group, send texts, share your screen, and see others face-to-face.


Web-based video conferencing service Zoom provides both free and premium services. Meetings, video webinars, conference rooms, phone systems, and even corporate IM are some of the features. You might need to download a browser extension or app in order to use Zoom. Numerous renowned companies trust Zoom because it is safe and secure to use. Also, read Best MangaInn Alternatives.

Microsoft Teams

Your complete team can share calendars, conversations, files, and apps in one place thanks to Microsoft Teams, which was created as a hub for Office 365. The core of Microsoft Teams divides groups, teams, and projects using “channels.” Through Teams, you can conduct online meetings and video conversations as well.


Another team collaboration solution with built-in groups, chat, and video functions is Workplace from Facebook.

E-Document Software

Google Docs

Spreadsheets, papers, and other forms of information may now be shared between many different kinds of businesses using Google Docs. New documents can be quickly and easily created, shared, deleted, organized, and downloaded. Word and Excel documents can also be imported and opened.

Dropbox Paper

With the Dropbox Paper add-on, users can arrange documents, show text, media, and files all in one location. You sign in to Dropbox normally to access Paper. Essentially, you can create files with Dropbox Paper rather than just uploading, downloading, and saving them.

Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft moved its office software online in order to facilitate and improve file sharing, document production, and storage. By using markup tools, teams can work together on a range of files utilizing PowerPoint, Publisher, Access, Word, Excel, and Outlook with Microsoft Office 365. Also, read Best BobMovies Alternatives.

Cloud Storage Tools


The best cloud storage option is Dropbox. There is a free 2-GB base plan available, and tiers of pricing increase to limitless storage. Dropbox offers both personal and commercial plans.

Google Drive

The second-largest cloud storage service is Google Drive. The majority of Google Apps teams also keep their files in Google Drive. Google provides the first 15GB for free, after which there are price options for both personal and business use.


Microsoft’s cloud storage solution is called OneDrive. Your Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and Publisher files are stored on OneDrive, which integrates with the Office 365 platform. They provide strong professional plans, a free plan, and a personal alternative.

Tools for Project Management


Many small and medium-sized businesses adore Monday.com and use it to build and manage straightforward to complex projects. Every kind of app you can think of is integrated with Monday, according to a lengthy list. The adaptability and potent tools offered by this capable online project management platform are lauded in user reviews.


Jira is an agile bug tracking and software development system ideal for design and development teams. Jira has templates you may use, or you can create one from scratch. It is quite structured and enables teams to work closely on particular workflow steps.


Asana is another excellent program for collaboration and productivity for small teams and projects. To move items through the project workflow, Asana uses a Kanban view of cards. You may assign tasks, team members, attach files, and even leave comments inside each card.


Toggl is a useful time tracking application that helps you keep track of every second of every day and also simplifies paying. It’s simple to remember to log your time with one-click timers. It also has automation and calendar integrations, in case you forget. You can apply various charges for various clients.

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